TODAY’S MEDITATION – Subdue unwanted situations to the will of God? (Genesis 1:28)

Today’s passage says this: “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground’.”

As the year begins, I would like to insist on the word “subdue” because some people have been subdued by the world and whatever is in it… thus leaving the position God has placed them after creating them. My brother, my sister, the word ‘subdue’ means to get control of (a violent or dangerous person or group) by using force, punishment, etc. It also means to conquer and bring into subjection. This word is also defined as to bring under control especially by an exertion of the will. When God sent Jesus to earth, it was for a great purpose: not only to save us, but also to give us the power we had lost in the Garden of Eden. So let me ask you something my friend: why do you let fear subdue you? Why do you allow problems to subdue you? Why do you allow unwanted situations to subdue you?

My friend, God ordered us to subdue the earth and all that is in it, which means to have control of the things that want us out of the path that God has traced for us, we must use the power and authority that He has already given us. Let me give you an example of what God can do through His Spirit to give you the courage to push adverse situations away: last month, our website was literally messed up when we changed hosting. I paid someone who has taken more than ten days to fix it but almost nothing was done but he keeps asking for more money. Yesterday I prayed asking the Lord what to do while the site was open before me and I have no skills in webdesign and I was afraid to spoil everything by trying to touch anything. Today’s verse came to my mind, then I believe it is the Spirit of God who invited me to search for a video on Youtube (I found a 7-minute video), my friend! After watching it, what was before hard for me became so easy that I was able to install the audio players and find the files and start rebuilding our website. Of course it took me time but I acquired skills and knowledge, and above all, the Lord spared me even having to pay someone to have the job done.

What is the point here my friend? You see, God has the ultimate rule over the earth and all that is in it, and He exercises His sovereign authority with love and care. He has delegated some of His authority to the human beings that we are, and this should urge us to take the responsibility He has given us and stop lamenting all the time like a married woman who returns to her mother daily to ask how to cook a dish. My friend, whatever tried to subdue you in the past comes to an end today in the name of Jesus! Use the power and authority entrusted to you by the Lord to get rid of problems or adverse situations and to resist the devil until he flees, then settle yourself back in the position where God wants you to be: that of His dearly redeemed son or daughther. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.