TODAY’S MEDITATION – Stop doing things as if you are doing to please man (Colossians 3:23)

Today’s verse says: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”.
My brother, my sister, unless you stop doing things as if you are doing it for man to please man, you will never be able to do things the way God prescribed. You see, our love for Christ should be visible in the way we love others (friends, fellow believers, spouses, children, parents, bosses, colleagues, etc.). This is one of the fundamentals of Christian living, the way we should conduct our work. Whatever work you have to do, God wants you to do it as if you were working directly for the Lord, rather than for the person who asks you to do it (a parent, your boss, anyone else). Indeed, you may not like your job, your situation or your boss. It does not matter before God. All He expects to see you doing is always work hard at what you need to do so that your life gives honour and glory back to Him.
The truth is, when we don’t do things as if we are doing them unto God, we forget that God can replace us on that position because He is the same God who says if we don’t want to worship Him, He will raise stones to do so (Luke 19:40). So, my friend, learn to be grateful and appreciative that you are in the position you are in because some wished they could be in that position but they are no longer on this earth or are bedridden or were denied what you take lightly by life circumstances or someone. Let’s meditate today on this biblical truth that teaches us that whether we are students, artists, athletes, parents, bosses or whatever we are doing, we should perform or training a way that is pleasing to God.
Also remember that work was given to man since the Creation. Therefore we should regard our work as an act of worship to God so that our attitude towards our work will be pleasing to Him. Whoever looks at his work as the cost to be a follower of Christ cannot complain, feel resentment or find his work boring, for our God is the Creator, so creativity and everything that gives life a good taste are His invention, not that of man. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.