TODAY’S MEDITATION – Send me a sign of your favour (Psalm 86:17)

Oftentimes, we need to see a sign to be reassured. We look for the signs of people’s love and appreciation or when we face a difficult situation that looks like a dead-end situation, etc… In fact, it is not wrong to pray for a sign of God: “Again the Lord spoke to Ahaz: Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights” (Isaiah 7:10-11). My brother, my sister, sometimes we are like Ahaz: we don’t really want to know what God want to say about us or our circumstances because we are not ready to listen and obey Him, so we use excuses such as not wanting to bother God.

Besides, asking God for a sign should not lead us to overlook the signs He has already given us: the support of our family and friends, the fellowship with other Christians, the light of each new day, etc. However, we can be confident that the Lord knows our situation no matter how desperate it may look. And because He cares about us, most of the time, the Lord will just work a miracle on our situations without giving us any sign, yet His intervention is actually that sign!

Allow me to give this small testimony to encourage someone today: On Tuesday, I dropped tea on my computer, and the whole keyboard was no longer working. Yet I need the computer constantly. So I went out to by a keyboard, then saw the prices and I thought, I was going to come the next day. Actually, I was put off by the prices of the ones I wanted and decided I was going to buy the cheapest one, which was £9.99. Even so, I thought, this is too much. Then I went shopping for food, thinking I was going to deal with the keyboard issue on Wednesday. When I returned to my car, I opened the passenger’s seat to put my shopping, then I a note of £10 stuck to car wheel. I was puzzled, because it was not touching the ground, it was literally stuck on the wheel. I took it and I thanked God. Then I said, even so, Lord, I will buy the keyboard tomorrow, let me go home. Once I got home, I thought, let me dry the keyboard or just clean it, so I took a brush and started removing dust from it. I put the computer on, and it started working again. I thanked God again…

Let me give this little testimony to encourage someone today: on Tuesday, I spilled tea on my laptop, and the keyboard stopped working. So I wanted to buy a wireless keyboard. When I saw the prices, I decided to buy the cheapest one, which was £9.99. Even this price seemed too much for me. So I decided to drop it and I was going to try and get a new keyboard on Wednesday and continued with my personal shopping. When I returned to my car I found a note of £10 stuck to the wheel of my car. I was reluctant to take it because I was puzzled since it was not touching the ground and appeared to be literally stuck on the wheel. I took it and immediately I thanked the Lord. Then I said, ‘even so, Lord, I’ll buy the keyboard tomorrow, let me go home.’ After returning home, I had the idea to dry the keyboard with the hair dryer, but I thought the heat would not be good for the computer, so I just cleaned the dust off keyboard using a brush. Once finished, I turned on the laptop and the keyboard was working. I thanked the Holy Spirit for giving me the idea to remove the dust from it. Yes, the Lord shows us signs of His favour every day. But do we recognize them? Do we appreciate them?

My friend, the Lord intervenes whenever we are in need (Matthew 6:33), because He knows what we really need. This computer is when I write the daily meditations… The Lord knows I need it for work, so He provided not only with the amount I needed for the wireless keyboard, and He was there to ensure the success of my attempt to repair it! The problem is that when we want a sign of God’s favour, very often our use of this favour has nothing to do with Him and His Kingdom. My friend, why do you want God’s favour today? Before seeking His favour, make sure that God has a share in your request. Hannah wanted a son, God gave her this son and many others after Hannah promised to dedicate this son to God (1 Samuel 2). Let’s be real: God’s favour cannot benefit us when we put Him aside because it’s just like trying to operate a machine without fueling its engine. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.