TODAY’S MEDITATION – Seek the Master to learn from Him for yourself (John 3:1-3)

This passage of the Word is important for believers today, because many people tend to forget that they should learn from the Master, Jesus, for themselves… not through their pastor, their parents, their friends or neighbours, whatever great faith those may have. Here, we learn that Nicodemus who was a Pharisee (and therefore a religious leader) was searching for the truth, or should we say he wanted a revelation! Despite his status, he believed that Jesus had answers to his questions. My brother, my sister, here we are talking about a learned teacher who is looking for Jesus to be taught. As for you, when you want to learn from the Lord, what do you do? Why do you go to another human being first? It should be told: no matter how intelligent and well-educated we are, we must always go to Jesus with an open mind and heart so He can teach us the truth about God! Nicodemus went to Jesus personally. Did he not have an assistant he could have sent to Jesus? You see, that is where many of us miss the mark sometimes: instead of going to Jesus personally, we want our pastor or our brothers and sisters in Christ to go to Him on our behalf! It is only when you examine Jesus for yourself that you will be able to separate facts from rumours about Him or even experience Him personally. Obviously, Nicodemus was afraid of what his peers would say, that’s why he went to see Jesus at night, secretly… It does not matter, what is important is that HE PERSONALLY WENT TO JESUS TO LEARN ABOUT THE KINGDOM… To us Christians, this should also teach us one thing: when we are witnessing about Jesus, we should only show people the way to Jesus and let Jesus Himself teach them about Him… because the Bible says “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day” (John 6:44). My friend, none of us can draw someone to Jesus, none of us can teach someone about Jesus like He Himself can. Just think about this: can someone talk about you better than yourself?… However, we can witness to others about our own experience with Him, that is why we also have to encourage them to have their own personal relationship with Him instead of trying to nurture them with our own knowledge of Him. Jesus is the Master of all and the Great Teacher of all. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.