TODAY’S MEDITATION – Seek the Lord before stepping out (Psalm 37:23-24)

Very often, we are often confused by the events around us. There are things we will never understand until years later when we look back and see how God was working through those events or through us. The Word of God advises us not to worry if we don’t understand everything as it happens. Instead, we should trust that God knows what He is doing, even if His timing or design is not clear to us. My brother, my sister, be reassured because the Sovereign Lord promised to give you direction in your life. Yes, my friend, when the Lord delights in you because you are following Him, because you trust Him and because you are trying to do His will, He will always go ahead of you, watch over you and make firm every step you take. The problem with most of us is that we often start making steps alone and when we step on the mud, then we remember our Lord and Saviour and then we call on to Him. Because He loves us, He will always be there for us, but how much time do we waste in our walk alone? As Christians, we should indeed learn to live with the culture of our Kingdom in mind and know that if we really expect the Lord to direct our ways, then we should always seek His advice before we step out for any thing. Jesus showed us how to do that by taking time alone, in the mountain with the Lord many times. True and committed Christians should not worry because they know they carry the Good News along with them, so wherever they go, mountains should be flattened, and waves calmed down. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.