TODAY’S MEDITATION – Restore your worship with the Lord (Ezekiel 40)

Sometimes because we attend all church services, because we pray and fast, we feel that we are doing everything right. My brother, sister, whatever we do, if we do not do it the way the Lord has established things, we will be lost and will not offer true worship to the Lord. When we read Ezekiel, we see that people continued to offer sacrifices to God thinking that everything was good. In fact, all the people knew how to bow before God with their sacrifices and ceremonies as it is written in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. But the Lord showed Ezekiel a new order of worship with terms that people could understand, but they were not ready to follow it. Is it not what many believers still do even today? They prefer to pray and fast instead of seeking to offer God a perfect worship, namely a worship based on a relationship with Him, or a worship showing that all of life is centered on Him.

My friend, God displayed His splendor and glory through Jesus and we must understand that the kind of Temple He built for His people is to there show how He wants His perfect plan to be fulfilled for His people. Thus, by making Jesus the center of our worship, recognizing His powerful presence, the blessings flowing from it will be manifested among us. Today, many believers quickly fizzle. Why? Because, despite their love for the Lord, they continue to focus on the details that can sometimes cloud our vision of the great and perfect plan of God for our lives: knowing that one day soon, themselves and all who have been faithful to Jesus will enjoy eternal life with Him. My friend, let the majesty of this great vision lift you and teach you about the Lord you say you worship and serve. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.