TODAY’S MEDITATION – Renew your trust in the Lord in the midst of affliction (Psalm 69:3-13)

In this passage, David is looking for God. Why? Because he was at a time of his life when nothing worked the way he wanted. Yes, he faced many problems. He was scoffed at, mocked, insulted, humiliated and the whole city was gossiping about him (verses 5-12). My brother, my sister, there are times like that when it seems that all the waves of the see are beating only us, but no one else. Now, let’s look at what David did to learn from him.

David said: “But I pray to you, Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation” (verse 13). Yes, my friend! David continued to pray. When feeling completely beaten down, many people, including believers, are tempted to turn away from God, give up and quit trusting Him. David turned to God. My friend, when your a situation seems hopeless, this should be the time to determine that no matter how bad things become you will continue to pray. The Bible tells us that God hears our prayers and He will answer us, because He loves us. Yes, when you are rejected by others, when things seem to go from bad to worse, we need God the most… and that is the time to also remember why Jesus died for us. He called us His friends. So, we should not turn from our most faithful friend, who understands what we are going through, because He suffered the same suffering before us.

My friend, do not be paralysed or turn away from God in front of affliction because it is precisely the plan of the devil who wants to lead you into despair to better finish you. Instead, even though our eyes may be filled with heavy tears like David (Psalm 69:3), et those tears be accompanied by prayers and an unwavering trust in the Lord. May this meditation encourage someone who is hurt in his/her flesh today. Know that the Lord hears your prayers and your trust in Him is not in vain. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.