TODAY’S MEDITATION – Re-position yourself to access to your blessings (John 5:1-15)

On the last day of our conference, Pastor Daniel Kouadio used the example of the invalid man who has waited for 38 years by the pool of Bethesda, waiting for someone to help him get into the water once it was moved by the Angel. My brother, my sister, just like He asked this man “Do you want to get well?”, Jesus is asking you today: “Do you want to get well?”

Pastor Daniel raised this question: can you go to a hospital, see someone lying on a hospital bed and ask that person “do you want ot get well?” This is to make us understand that, this invalid knew the conditions for him to get well: be the first to get into the water when the angel has moved it. Now, was he well positioned? Many people were coming to the pool for one reason: to get well, and for 38 years, this man has waited for someone to abandon his own plan and project to get well to help him get into the water to get well. In order words, he needed to re-position himself, make his way near the pool,even lie down at the edge of the pool so, that he could be the first to get into the water as soon as the angel came. Sometimes it is just about changing our habits!

The second level of his preaching was on the fact that, God is the master of time and circumstances. “From time to time an angel of the Lord would come down and stir up the waters. The first one into the pool after each such disturbance would be cured of whatever disease they had” (verse 4). Note that the angel used to come from time to time. You see, some people go to church from time to time and prepare to meet the Lord from time to time, but they complain that their prayers are not answered. My friend, since you don’t know when God will release His blessings, you must always be in the right place and well prepared. God is not selfish like us: when He releases His blessings, only those who are ready receive them. Look at the ten virgins: only those who prepared themselves well were able to go with the groom (Matthew 25).

My friend, the time of the Lord, no one knows it. Be well positioned to receive from the Lord. You cannot be doing what you want and expect Him to bless you! You cannot stay away from the Lord’s presence (His church) and expect Him to bless you, for when He sends an angel to the church, if you are late or absent, you miss the blessing!… of course, He knows your needs and will respond to them bless you as with the sun as He blesses everyone. God has set principles and we are to respect them to enjoy the full and free life He has given us in Christ. Re-position yourself today by drawing nearer to your God by changing your mindset, changing the thoughts or actions that are limiting you, by become spiritually violent read and meditate on the Bible more, attend church services frequently, pray always). Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.