TODAY’S MEDITATION – Position yourself to receive God’s direction for the next year (Genesis 1)

My brother, my sister, if you are working or even studying, you know that your employer or your school have set targets and goals to be achieved this year and are now checking what they have accomplished so to adjust their strategies to do better next year. My friend, when we read the story of the creation (Genesis 1), we see that God indeed stopped after all He created, said it was “good” before creating the next thing. However, many people, despite being in His image, evolve following the wind and the waves… without any strategy for prayer, without assessing their spiritual progress, with no strategy for their walk with the Lord!

This time should be the time for each of us to individually consider our spiritual life: what has been achieved, where are we trying to get… can you look back and say as God: ‘it’s good’ to move forward? Otherwise why try to do more? My friend, all that is done hastily, carelessly, without real consideration for God is not strong enough for Him to just give more. Today look at the level of your own faith: God has given you faith when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, but has it developed to produce spiritual fruit that God may use you as He wishes? Check the level of your commitment to God too, for there is no active faith without commitment…

Yes, God wants our hearts first. He is real. Today I want to share the amazing testimony of a young woman in our church who has decided not to miss church services as a way to show her commitment to the Lord throughout 2015. Even when she went on vacation, she made sure to go to church to respect her vow to the Lord. The Lord has literally transformed her from within, in a visible way that only God can do. Her faith is growing, she reads and meditates on the Bible now, she has written three gospel songs for the church, she now asks questions to understand the Word. About six months ago, she would have slept in church during worship and was finding the Bible “boring”… this is only the spiritual aspect of God’s action. Yes, God is generous in His goodness: this young woman found a flat (not a room, not a social apartment), while she was not working and had no salary, and as soon as she moved in, she also found a job. God is faithful and capable. Now her new goal is to spread the Good News, going out to others because she saw the goodness of God in her life by putting her faith into action and she wants to share this through evangelism… Allow me another testimony of another young person who heard the call of the Lord and began to study the Word and sometimes shares it with others, thus urging other youth in our church to begin to open their Bible to meditate on it…

My friend, what is your spiritual balance for 2015? The work we do for the Lord is the one that is eternal… There is no small or big work for the Lord as long as it is beneficial to the Kingdom. It is good to sing that God is good, because He is really good and the health and provision that He has given all of us throughout 2015 are part of His great grace that is freely offered to us. Now, if you want to experience more than just the sun that heats or the rain falling over every living being on earth, if you are looking for special or specific blessings, a real transformation in your life… then stand on your feet and position yourself well with goals that are related to things above, because God will not bless you just like that. He wants your heart first; He wants your sincere commitment… What could you do from now and next year that God would want to entrust you with more? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.

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