TODAY’S MEDITATION – Position yourself to be set free from any prison during this Passover(John 18:39)

Today’s passage says this: “it is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover.” My brother, my sister, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His principles have not changed. You can be set free from any prison you are locked in this Passover. But does the Lord know you are in prison?

You see, sometimes, we take so much control of our own lives like people who live in prison of debts (buying everything on credit) but showing off as if they have, so much that people can never imagine that they cannot sleep at night or they avoid answering the phone when it rings because they know it is the bailiff calling to get the payment of those debts.

My friend, sometimes, that is how we function with the Lord: we live as if He is incapable of changing our situation and do as if everything is alright, keeping a good face in front of Him instead of humbling ourselves in a way that He can truly act in our lives. As we are preparing to celebrate the Passover, and God has not changed, my friend, His grace can set you free from any prison you are in… but the way God knows you are in prison is not the way we see it.

Many people cry unceasingly while they are in prison, yet God does not act. However, when Paul and Silas were in prison, they started praying and praising the Lord and there was an earthquake that shook even the foundation of the prison and the barriers could not resist. When the children of God were in Egypt, before God was going to deliver them, He asked them to celebrate the Passover… yes my friend, with God, you have to celebrate your deliverance while still a prisoner, then He will materialise it. Believe you have received, and you will receive. Today, position yourself for the Passover by celebrating it in praise and worship! The Lord Jesus has already done everything for that grace be given you, so that your deliverance be certain. Just position yourself by proclaiming that this Passover, you are the prisoner who will be set free in Jesus’ name and nothing will block you again to live the abundant life that God has planned for you. Stay blessed in Jesus name.