TODAY’S MEDITATION – Patience is a virtue that never fails (Genesis 29:20)

How many people want to achieve something on this earth, want success, want to get things… but are not doing their part for it? My brother, my sister, our part is not the amount of work, the time spent in prayer (which we know how to count so well)… but it is the true understanding of what being patient means. Yes, today I am speaking about how we actually wait for the Lord to act. Let’s look at today’s passage: “So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her”

Yes, Jacob wanted Rachel. Most people want someone or something. What do they do? The spend their time praying to God. My friend, the Bible tells us that Jacob spent seven good years SERVING… yes, serving, which means, giving himself, giving his time, giving the best of him… in order to get to get what he wanted. So many people often wonder if working a long time for something they desire is worth it. Maybe you have been praying to get something for months or years… so what? look at what today’s verse says: seven years seemed like a few days to Jacob. And do you know why? Because he was truly devoted to Rachel even before having her. How many people jumped into a job, a relationship, a marriage, etc… without waiting on the Lord? As you read the story to the end, you even see that Jacob’s commitment to Rachel kindled a strong loyalty within her.

My friend, Jacob shows us that, despite being tricked, because He desired Rachel, she was worth the wait, so he worked seven years for her. The problem today is that movies and television have created an illusion that people have to wait only about an hour to solve their problems or get what they want. My friend, don’t be trapped into thinking that the same is true in real life. Patience is a virtue that is hard when we need it the most, but it is key to achieving our God’s designed goals. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.