TODAY’S MEDITATION – Overcoming worries (Luke 12:22-34)

Jesus is telling us not to worry! My brother, my sister you may say “easy said than done”! You should rather be asking yourself “how can I do that?” The answer is in the simple: measure the level of your worry with your faith then you will know what controls your mind and heart. My dear friend, only faith can free you from anxiety caused by greed, covetousness or any other worry. Today, let’s look into this passage of the Word to understand why worrying is pointless: first of all, Jesus says ” Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?” (verse 26). Now look at what Jesus calls little things: God feeding the ravens, you and I being unable to add a single hour to our lives, so why worry about anything else? First of all, after you worry, the problem is still there and your needs are not filled anyway: Yet, there is one who loves you and knows your needs: your Creator! This same Creator promises to meet ALL your real needs but not necessarily all our desires. So, if you want to be able to overcome your needs, start making the difference between your real needs and your desires. As you do that, you should be able to find peace as you see that the Lord has been fulfilling your real needs.
Yes, overcoming worry requires a simple trust in God, your heavenly Father. This trust is expressed by praying to Him rather than worrying. Also, overcoming worries requires a new perspective on your problems, which can be gained by developing a strategy to address or correct your problems. Overcoming worry requires humility by finding a support team of believers who can help lift up your faith in prayer by asking the Lord for wisdom and strength to deal with your worries.
Unfortunately, many people tend to isolate themselves when they worry, opening the way to the devil to undermine their faith even more. Instead of that, when a worry comes, seek the Kingdom of God instead. What does seeking God’s Kingdom mean? It is making Jesus the Lord and King of your life by letting Him control all the areas (your work, plans, relationships, etc.). Now ask yourself this: is the Kingdom of God one of your many concerns or is it central to all you do? Are you holding back any areas of your life from God’s control? Today know that it is the area you refuse the Lord to control in your life that the devil will also deal with. My friend, Jesus wants to help provide what you need as well as guide how you use what He provides. Allow Him to become the one controlling your household, your health, your mind, your money, your family, your work, your studies… and worry itself will run away from all these areas of your life. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.