TODAY’S MEDITATION – Only the Lord knows the value of your service for Him! (Matthew 20:1-16)

Yesterday, I heard a testimony that made me humble as a Christian and a servant of the Most High: this brother who was converted less than 6 months ago, displayed a spiritual maturity that led me to question myself about how God works. My brother, my sister, the Scripture that helped me understand what I heard yesterday is Jesus’ Parable of the Vineyard workers. My friends, this parable is about how people responds to the opportunity to work in the Lord’s vineyard when He calls them, and most importantly, the attitude that goes along their service. We should bear in mind that the Lord deals justly and fairly with His people even tough the rewards His people receive come from their individual faithfulness and commitment to Him. Only the Lord knows the value of your service for His Kingdom. You see, instead of being pleased with what the Lord gave them, some workers were more concerned with what He gave other people. One key thing Jesus is also telling us here is that His grace does not operate according to your length of service or the amount of work you do. Therefore, we should never feel superior because of our position or because we have spent so much time with Christ… because in the end, we all receive the same salary:salvation, which is based on our individual faith, our individual commitment and faithfulness to the Lord until the end of our life on this earth. My friend, may all Christians bear in mind that many people they don’t expect to see in the Kingdom will be there. Yes, the criminal who repented in the last second of his life is there (Luke 23:40-43) and along with people who spent their entirely lives serving and were saved maybe 50 years before they departed. My friends, in our Christian walk we should endeavour to focus on God’s grace for us and be thankful for what we have and avoid whispering or gossiping about what the Lord is doing with or for others. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.