TODAY’S MEDITATION – Only the Lord can give meaning to everything you have or do (Ecclesiastes 1:8-11)

Many believers feel restless and dissatisfied with everything that is happening in their lives. They are asking themselves many questions: “if I am really in God’s will, why am I so tired and unfulfilled? What is the meaning of life? When I look back on it all, will I ever be happy of my accomplishments? Why do I feel burned out, disillusioned and dry? What is to become of me? My brother, my sister, these questions are normal to ask, yet they should not be final in your walk with the Lord. Indeed, our faith will always be tested and the Bible challenges us to find true and lasting meaning in God alone. If you are trying to understand things by your own means or through people, you will never get the right answers. The Lord alone knows the truth about your situation and your life. So find the meaning of your life within His Word, and trust that He is in control of everything you have or do.
You see, as you take a hard look at your life, as Solomon did his, you will realise how important serving God is over all other options you have considered. Solomon led his life to the fullest: he first tried pursuing all kinds of pleasures; he undertook great projects, bought slaves, herds and flocks, amassed great wealth, acquired singers, added many concubines to his harem and became the greatest and richest man in Jerusalem. But none of these gave him satisfaction. So, if today you are wondering about your life, perhaps God is asking you to rethink your purpose and direction in life, just as Solomon did after looking at everything he had worked so hard to accomplish and found it was all so meaningless, just like chasing the wind. My friend, you must look beyond your activities to find the reasons you do them and the purpose they fulfill. Is your goal in life is to seek a meaning to everything or to follow the Lord, who alone gives meaning to everything.Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.