TODAY’S MEDITATION – Only exercising will enable you to grow stronger in the Lord (2 Peter 3:18 ; Luke 8:16-17)

Whoever applies God’s Word will undeniably grow in their spiritual, mental and physical life. My brother, my sister, when you exercise in the gym daily, your muscles will grow stronger, and after some time people will start seeing the results of your efforts in the gym. Therefore, in your walk with the Lord, if you are not growing stronger, then you are growing weaker just like an unused muscle will grow weak and flabby. In order words, Christians should not stand still, but exercise daily in order to use what God has deposited in them. Why? Because the Word of God says that as a Christian, you are the light of the world. My friend, when the light of the truth about Jesus that illuminates in us and through us shines, it is for those who still don’t know Him. However, that light cannot shine if you do not keep it alight with constant training and exercise in the gym of prayer, fasting and fellowship. Yes, our witness for Christ should be public, not hidden. We should not keep the benefits of what Christ has done for us for ourselves alone but pass them on to others, just like someone who has been exercising in the gym daily and when the summer arrives, makes sure everyone out there can see their muscled arms and legs.. Those muscles you develop daily in your fellowship and time alone with the Lord should be displayed for unbelievers in order for them to see what Jesus has done for you and to glorify the Lord now and forever. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.