TODAY’S MEDITATION – Obedience can be the key to your promises (Zechariah 6:15)

At times we pray, fast so hard to get our promises that when we do not get them, we wonder why or if God has forgotten His promises to us. The Lord is faithful and never changes. My brother, my sister, it is important to know that some of God’s promises are CONDITIONAL! Yes, we are living in the time of grace through faith in the Lord Jesus. Yet, sometimes we must obey the Lord to receive our promises. In this verse, the Bible says the rebuilding of Temple required careful obedience, so the people was given guidance and it is written: “And this shall come to pass, if ye will diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God.” Yes, my friend, sometimes the Lord is waiting for you to obey Him to protect you and your family; He is waiting for you to obey Him to fulfill His promises of work, marriage, housing, paper, children, etc, in your life. You see, casual, occasional obedience is the result of a half-hearted or divided commitment, and this would never lead you to blessing. Many of God’s blessings come to us as a result of diligent obedience. Inconsistent obedience can’t produce consistent blessing…God is a God of principles, and He has given us keys to access our blessings and promises. It is up to us to open our ears an hear the voice of the Spirit that is leading us to obedience. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.