TODAY’S MEDITATION – My testimony: “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15)

This is a powerful affirmation of faith that was made by Joshua is very important to me and I really want to share it to encourage someone, especially a parent, as I am also giving a testimony about what the Lord is doing for me and my family as we are serving Him. In this verse, the people had to decide whether they would obey the Lord, who had already shown them His trustworthiness, or choose to obey the local gods, which were hand-made idols. My brother, my sister, it is so easy to slip into a quiet rebellion, I mean going about life in your own way! Yes it is and if you are not watchful enough, you can end up being influenced or controlled by the world. But what is true is that, whether a believer or not, we all have to choose who or what will control us. The choice is yours: is it God, your own limited personality or another imperfect substitute? Here, regardless of what the others had decided to do, Joshua reaffirmed His commitment to God, not only because He trusted God, but also as the leader, he was determined to set an example of living by his decision. My friend, the way you live shows others the strength of your commitment to serving God. I now invite you to read my testimony to understand what I mean. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.

MY TESTIMONY: as for me and my family we are serving the Lord! And as I always tell my children when I feel they are tired (because all of them are involved in the ministry), we are already embarked to our neck and there is no turning back, because the devil is waiting for us at the door, so it is better to remain on the boat with Jesus and He will always strengthen us because He is faithful… You see, my son who stopped his studies in 2007-2008, started working, lived in a worldly manner for years until the Lord Jesus met Him. Yesterday was his graduation ceremony. The thing is, many did not believe in him and would let him know it was too late, that he could not go back to study… But once he knew Jesus and set His eyes on Him. The Lord has not only given him the grace to become a manager at his workplace, but also to complete his studies… And above all to find a good wife as he is getting married this year: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22) and I want to say, Margi you are a blessing to my son and I praise the Lord for him meeting you, not only because I know you have played a good part in Kweku’s resuming to his studies, but I also know he has the favour of God because he has found you! Yes, as for me and my family, we are serving the Lord. I remember 3 weeks after he introduced Margi to me, we were in the car and I was driving and, like all young men, he saw a girl walking on the pavement and he looked at her with insistence… I slapped his head saying “does she look like Margi, why are you looking at her like that?” It was a way to teach him something. He was so surprised that he always remember that little slap… But I have to admit that it later turned up that the young girl was his friend!!! As for me and my house, we are serving the Lord! Parents, always encourage your children no matter what and teach your children to do right and bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4) and your house will be filled with Joy. I am so thankful to the Lord that I wanted to share this testimony today to encourage all the parents and tell them, never give up on any of your children. Support them, even when they are going astray… that’s the time you have to demonstrate them love; keep them in prayers instead of judging them too. It hurt me once when I heard someone (a close family member) saying my son was going to do nothing in his life because he had stopped his studies and that people younger than him had already finished university and finding jobs and the person even called him a bad boy asking me to chase him out of my home… My friends, the devil is a liar and he will talk through people close to you and if you are not watchful, you can be influenced. I never told my son this, but in my prayers, I was recalling God that my son loves Him. Now, I want to tell that person, not as a revenge but rather as en encouragement to seek the Lord that, that person my son was compared to has a diploma from university, but today my son has a diploma too and he also has Jesus! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.