TODAY’S MEDITATION – Make the Lord your refuge (Psalm 59).

Throughout this Psalm, David describes the behaviour of his enemies in grim details. He also conveys his own feelings of dread as long as the desperation and the despair that he sees in the lives of those who want to harm him. My brother, my sister, when your enemies seem to be close or attack you, you should not be afraid when you know you have made the Lord your refuge. Instead, think about how desperate and miserable they feel, as their wicked plans against you fail without touching you. Also know that, while you can sleep soundly, your enemies have no rest, that is why the will keep trying to harm you. In fact, they don’t know one thing about you because they have not yet met the Light that can remove them from darkness (John 8:12 ): under the Cross of our Lord and Saviour, the blood of Jesus is covering you and no weapon forged against you can prosper (Isaiah 54:17). So, why mind about what your enemies are doing? However, what a delight to know that, the same as God was a place of safety and a source of unfailing love for David, He is the same for you. Therefore, like David, learn to turn negative circumstances into reminders of God’s faithful presence in your life. So, today make any problems and any stress in your life to become the starting point of praising God. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.