TODAY’S MEDITATION – Look for the blessings of God alone (Proverbs 10:22)

In today’s society, so many things are done to show how fast anyone can become rich: lottery games, fame games like X-Factor, etc. Therefore many people, mainly young people grow thinking anyone can become rich as easily as watching a TV game. My brother, my sister, we have to be very vigilant, especially those of us who are Christians and have children. We should never forget that God supplies most people with the personal and financial abilities they need to be able to do what He has asked them to do and mostly to respond to the needs of others. Unlike those preaching about prosperity and who lack to realise that the wealth they have accumulated, if it is really from God, is meant to be redistributed to God’s people and God’s work… for His glory, if we all realise how God has blessed us, and if we all used our resources to do God’s will, how could hunger and poverty continue to kill people around the world? My friend, wealth is a blessing from God only when we use it in the way God intended. He is the Almighty and the Bible is full of stories of people who were richly and materially blessed by God… but also, those people put everything they received to serve the Lord (Solomon, David). Everyday you may be asking the Lord to glorify His name in your life with blessings. Are you sure you are ready to use those blessings you are asking for His Kingdom and for His name to be glorified? Anyway, let me remind you that the Lord is faithful and knows our hearts, and only His blessings can make you rich and will never add sorrow to it. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.