TODAY’S MEDITATION – Look for real personal success… in Christ (Mark 9:34-35)

Like the disciples who were caught up in their constant struggle for personal success, trying to be the greatest, we too should feel embarrassed if our sense of greatness is based on the world’s standards more than on Christ’s. True enough that it is always painful to compare our own motives with Christ’s motives. My brother, my sister, it is not wrong for you to be industrious or ambitious. But when your ambition pushes you aside obedience and service, then it becomes sin. In that case you are not less than the Pharisees. In fact, because we live in the world and we are often lured by what the world offers, pride, greed and insecurity can cause any believer to start overvaluing a position and prestige. That’s how many believers fall into the prosperity gospel that leads them away from the Full Gospel of salvation… Yet, Jesus clearly shows us that such motives are destructive and won’t lead us to God’ Kingdom. Look into the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) and my friend, you will understand that the only safe ambition you may have in this world is directed toward Christ’s Kingdom, not on your own advancement in society. A true Christian must renounce pride and status seeking. A true Christian should not approach life expecting high positions at all cost, honours and special privileges. Instead, a true follower of Jesus Christ should always look for ways to help and serve others. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.