TODAY’S MEDITATION – Live the Gospel as a sharer… Many need it (1 Peter 3:15)

Sharing the Good News is a command all Christians received from Jesus, just as Jesus’ first disciples did by telling others they had found the Messiah (John 1:40-46) or go straight out to preach as soon as they knew about Jesus (Acts 9:20). My brother, my sister, Jesus is not a gift to be hidden or used for your personal benefit only. Have you personally learned enough about Christ to be able to share Him? Even if you are young in the faith, you can share what you have learned so far. Many people in your chain of influence are depending on your own experience of Jesus and without you they may never learn about our Lord and Saviour. Yes, Jesus’ great desire is for all to know His Good News. They must hear the Gospel in order to be saved (Romans 1:16; 10:13-14, 17). That is why He gave the most powerful means for spreading the Gospel: each of us who has received it becomes a sharer in God’s strength. If you believe and obey Jesus Christ, give yourself now and earnestly to this great mission. You have nothing to do really but trust in the Lord Himself who trains and empowers you as you pray and work for Him. My friend, as Christians, we must get back to the core and let people know that it is entirely possible to know and walk with our Creator, the way things were meant to be. That’s truly the good news that was made possible because one man gave His life for us, Jesus. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.