TODAY’S MEDITATION – Life is about giving and loving (John 3:16)

God knows our motives. As Christians, we must always examine our motives to ensure that we are motivated by love only. God sent His only Son, Jesus, because he was motivated by love for us. Jesus demonstrated obedience to the Father and love for us, He gave His life. When we love God, we will be motivated by love and service to others, a way for us to express our love for Him. My brother, my sister, in fact, Jesus Christ gave His own glory by giving everything for us. As the Son of God, He became as insignificant as you and me. Yes, He gave everything he had and nothing was withheld, not even His own life. This should make us think everyday… Are you ready to give everything you have for others, including your own life? Let me tell you this: the life and death of Jesus on the cross should be the extent to which those who follow and love Him truly should consider their own service in His name. We must learn to give as freely as we have received. We must learn to love one another as He has loved us… This is what will show that we are His disciples, His apostles, we are WITH HIM! Therefore, we need to learn to THINK ABOUT THE OTHERS FIRST like JESUS THOUGHT ABOUT YOU FIRST… Just imagine the weight of your sins on the cross. Jesus did not come down from the cross, He stayed to the end to be able to say “TETELESTAI” for you! You know, I like this verse because it reminds me of the LOVE and the GIFT that was made for me whenever I feel weak or discouraged… I say it to remember that Jesus has done all for me and nothing should be weighing in my life. I say it out loud because Satan must hate to hear it, because this verse is the very essence of the plan of salvation for me… That is why, I am inviting you and I want to encourage you with this verse this morning telling you that if you feel tired or lost, use this verse as your weapon, and clearly tell Satan and whatever is making you feel low this: “God so loved me that He sent me Jesus, so, as I believe in Jesus, I will not die, I have eternal life…” Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.