TODAY’S MEDITATION – Let God carry out vengeance for you (Nahum 1:2-3)

When someone hurts us unjustly, one of the first things that always come to our mind is seeing our right restored right away. My brother, my sister, it is important for you to understand that God alone has the right to carry out vengeance. Why? Because when you and me take vengeance, we would actually act in a spirit of selfishness while the Lord’s vengeance is not mixed with selfishness as its purpose is to remove sin and restore peace. Have you ever noticed that when you tried to revenge, things just worsened than they were? Then, let the Lord avenge for you when someone has hurt you. The fact is: our God is slow to get angry, but when He is ready to punish, even the earth trembles. So, because we want vengeance immediately and we don’t see it, it does not mean that God is not already doing something to restore our rights… You see, today many people in the world refuse to believe in God because they see so many evildoers in the world who live as if nothing and even worse, they see so many hypocrites filling the seats of our churches, that they wonder if God is actually seeing all that! Yet, what they don’t know is the truth, as they don’t realise that God is slow to anger because He gives us time to come back to Him when we have drifted away, or else, He is giving time to His true followers to share His love and truth with evildoers… Therefore, my friend, if you are a serious believer, never conform yourself with any evildoer, but keep telling them what the Word of God says. You are not there to judge them, for, sooner or later, judgment will come and no sin will remain hidden! Therefore, as Christians, we should never stop reminding people that the grace we have enjoyed in our Lord Jesus Christ has not erased the judgment to come. And when people wonder why God does not punish evil immediately, we should rather help them remember that if He did, none of us would be here and rather thank Him that He gives all of us time to turn back to Him and come back to His truth. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]