TODAY’S MEDITATION – Leave the past behind you! (Philippians 3:12–14)

One thing that we will all agree with is that it is always difficult to deal with our past. My brother, my sister, even if it is hard, you need to learn that your past is your past. Learn from it, but do not focus on it anymore. Unfortunately, many people measure their lives as it will be by what they have been in the past or what they have been through. Yet, the Bible invites us to focus on becoming everything that Christ wants us to become as we are waiting for Him to return. Today’s passage says we should even forget about our past. I know, you will think “as if it is easy to forget!”. But let me put it this way: we cannot forget about our past because we learn from it, namely our mistakes and life before coming to Christ can help us understand what other people may be going through and build us up to avoid making the same mistakes. Yet what the Word of God is asking us to do is not to focus on the mistakes we have already made or on our past failures… But I also have to add that, in our past, there can be good things too… Do not focus your life on them either, because what you are to become has nothing to do with your past, it has to do with the plan of God for your life… Your past is just the steps taking you to what God has in store for you: you just have to read the story of Joseph sold by his brothers to understand (Genesis 37:12-36 ). So look ahead and leave the past where it is. Yes, while it is important not to let our mistakes drag us down and distract us from our focus, it is just as important not to let our successes be a stopping point… We have many instances of how turning back can make you lose what God has planned for you: Lot’s wife turned back and died (Genesis 19:26 )… And Jesus Himself said: “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62). Our focus has to be set on things above, things to come, not on things that have already happened! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.