TODAY’S MEDITATION – Learn to live as a repented and redeemed Christian to shame the devil (Zechariah 3:1-3)

The Bible clearly says: Satan “For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night” (Revelation 12:10). Yet, many believers do as if this is not true. My brother, my sister, today’s passage shows us that Satan accused Jeshua, the High Priest… and his accusations were accurate, because Jeshua stood in ‘filthy’ clothes (sins). But, there is a Good News for us: The Lord revealed His mercy, stating that He had chosen to save His people in spite of their sin.

My friend, Satan is always accusing people of their sins before God (Job 1:6). Most of us have been in schools and we know the kind of student who wants everyone to be in trouble, because he himself is already in trouble (since he knows the teacher will punish him, he would prefer the whole class to be punished)! That’s Satan too, for he knows that he will ultimately be destroyed (Revelation 12:10)! But there is something that is above his understanding: God’s mercy and forgiveness towards those who believe in Him.

People spend hours and hours praying to cast out demons, to bind demons’ activities and to even curse Satan. My friend, you cast out a demon today, he comes back tomorrow or his cousin shows up! You bind a demon today, another one shows up at your door tomorrow? Why? Because Satan knows that your door is wide open to him with your sins! We can never stop Satan from trying to kill, destroy or steal. That’s all he knows how to do well. And His understanding of what you have gained by choosing to follow Jesus is very limited. So, all you should rather do is to be prepared always by asking the Lord to remove your clothing of sin and dress you with His goodness, love and compassion as you strive to live a righteous life, which alone can defeat Satan’s action in your life. How? Satan has power over the lives of those who open the door to him! If the door of sin is closed, it would be difficult for him to enter to kill you, destroy or steal what you have. Let’s learn to live as redeemed and repented Christians to shame the devil! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.