TODAY’S MEDITATION – Lean upon the Word to defeat the enemy (Luke 4:13)

Jesus defeated the devil, even before the Cross. My brother, my sister, today’s passage says this: “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time”. Yes, throughout His ministry, Jesus had to confront Satan in many ways. Too often ,we see temptation as something that comes once and for all. In reality, we need to constantly be on guard against the devil’s ongoing attacks as he is always looking for a favorable time.

My friend, where are you most susceptible to temptation right now? How are you preparing to withstand it? What would it take for you to ‘sell out’? What is there in life that would cause you to compromise your faith?

Yes, whatever it is: sexual temptation, financial inducement, fear of alienating or offending someone, etc. it will be placed in your path at some point to make you fall. The enemy wants to destroy believers or at least neutralize them through sin, shame and guilt. So, today, remember that, when temptation rears its seductive head, do what Jesus did: rely on the Word of God and stand fast in your commitment to worship God alone, above all else. Let me add that, Jesus did not start fasting, He had just finished fasting when the devil tempted Him. Because many people actually start fasting when they are already under attack or that things are hot on them. Allow me also to remind you that some people thought they were strong or that they could handle things, but have fallen.

My friend, no matter the sacrifice, no matter how appealing the things of the world may look, it is only by following Jesus’ example that you can stand strong. Yes, standing strong on the Word and applying the Word… are your weapon of mass destruction against the schemes of the devil. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.