TODAY’S MEDITATION – Law and grace revealed God’s nature (John 1:17)

Today’s passage says this: “For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” My brother, my sister, let’s look closer into these two elements of importance for our walk with Christ: Law and grace are the combination of God’s “unfailing love and faithfulness”. Most of the time, we look at the Law from our side, not on God’s side while, the Law, as much as the grace, is an aspect of God’s nature that He uses in dealing with His people. Yes, telling us the things to do or not to do was revealing to us who He is.

Now, Moses emphasized God’s law and justice, while Jesus Christ came to highlight God’s mercy, love, faithfulness and forgiveness. Indeed, Moses could only be the giver of the Law, that Christ came to fulfill (Matthew 5:17) and in fulfilling it, He pleased the Father. How? Because the nature and will of God were revealed in the Law and by fulfilling it, Christ ‘freed’ us from the Law. That is the reason why, today, the nature and will of God are revealed in Jesus Christ: who has seen Christ has seen the Father. In other words, for you to please the Father now, you don’t need to look at cold stone tablets: God’s revelation is in Christ and as you get to know Christ better, your understanding of God will increase.

My friend, you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and He is calling ‘you My friend, My brother or My sister’. How do you call Him? Does your behaviour say He is your friend? Yes, the level of your relationship with Jesus Christ determines your relationship with God, for nobody can get to God the Father by observing the Law, by their own means or works… only Jesus Christ of Nazareth (not even the Jesus Christ of your own mind – because some people imagine their Jesus to be different from the One in the Bible) can reveal the Father to us. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.