TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus wants your attention (Revelation 3:14-22)

This message is for believers and unbelievers alike because Jesus stands at the door and knocks for all of us. The unbelievers should feel drawn towards Jesus, while some believers should feel a little ashamed to pretend to love Him and yet not hear Him when He is knocking. Yes, just in Laodicea, today, there are lukewarm churches and lukewarm members sitting in those churches all over the place. My brother, my sister, whether a long time Christian or not, you should always ensure that your passion for the Lord is still alive. Many people have everything – except a close walk of fellowship with our Lord: they live their Christian life without feeling any passion for Jesus because they have relegated Jesus to an unused closet in their lives. And He is standing and knocking, seeking entrance into their hearts… yet, they go to church every Sunday! Jesus did not bring us religion, He brought us more than that, and to know what He brought you need to have a sincere relationship with Him… Jesus said that there is no greater love than when a man lays down his life for his friends (John 15:13-14). He wants you to be His friend. The sad truth is that many people think they are in control of their lives, but they are not. If we could see the reality of it all, we would clearly see that either Jesus is in control of our lives, or Satan is, but we surely are not. But if we would just lay aside this assumed control, and invite Jesus in, we would find unexpected joy and blessings that no words can every describe. And once we do let Jesus in, we would receive it all… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.