TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus wants to heal you to come and stay in your house (Matthew 26:6)

Many people are looking for the Lord for healing, restoration, good things they can enjoy in this life. My brother, my sister, why are you looking for Jesus? The Bible gives us many examples of Jesus going into the home of those who truly sought and found Him and that He had healed. How long have you been in Christ? Is Jesus in your house (not only from what your mouth says)?

Let’s look at today’s verse. Glory be to God! This morning, what stopped me was this short verse: “While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper” (verse 6)! What Good News: my friends, Jesus does not want to heal us to abandon us: He is visiting the house of the leper He healed in Matthew 8 or Luke 17:11-19. You know, when you are sick and you go to the hospital, the doctor gives you a prescription. The rest is none of his business: as soon as you have paid his money and he has given you the prescription, you will never have even a phone call from him asking you how you feel. If you still don’t feel good, you need to go back to the doctor, isn’t it? My friend, Jesus wants to heal us to come and stay in our house with us, to keep paying us visits! That’s what happened with Zacchaeus too (Luke 19:1-10).

My friend, are you sure the reasons you are following Jesus are pure enough for Him to stop by your house today? Sometimes, we become so much entangled in human doctrines, the routine and personal belief that we do not seek the truth that transforms. We cannot trick Jesus. He will come and visit your house when He sees His values in you and when He sees you have applied His principles. Let’s go back to the chapter when the leper was healed to understand why Jesus came back to visit Him: there were ten people healed that day, but that man was the only one who came back to thank the Lord, and Jesus declared this to Him: “Rise and go; your faith has made you well” (Luc 17:19). Yes, Jesus will visit your house once your faith has made you well, my friend! What Good News! So, it all starts with you, then. If this does not make you reflect, then nothing will. No one can please God withour faith indeed!

Many people think they are saved because they believe in Christ; many others think they are saved because their pastor declared them saved. That is also the reason why they follow their own stuff more than they follow Jesus’ teachings. You see, it is this man’s faith that urged him to return to humble himself and thank the Lord appropriately. It is his faith that opened the door for Jesus to come and stay at his house. You may wonder: why did Jesus heal all of the ten then? Because He is God, and God is good. And all He wants for us is happiness, peace and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11). However, this leper received a greater share than the 9 others: Jesus entered His home on top of healing. The others only received healing (something that only matters on earth)! Today, many people try to bribe the Lord with offerings or service to cover up for the lack of faith in the Lord and humility. Yet, to be noticed by Jesus, all you need to do is to serve Him and follow Him on His own terms, not yours because this is also how you will express the kind of faith the Lord wants in you! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.