TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus removed the sin of the world (John 1:29)

In the Old Testament, every morning and evening, a lamb was scarified in the Temple for the SINS OF THE PEOPLE (Exodus 29:38-42). Now, Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah, God’ servant, would be led to be slaughtered like a lamb (Isaiah 53:7). Yes, to pay the penalty of sin, a life had to be given and God chose to provide the sacrifice Himself: His only and begotten son, Jesus Christ. My brother, my sister, through Jesus who died as the perfect sacrifice, the SIN OF THE WORLD were removed. My friends, this is the only way our sins are forgiven (1 Corinthians 5:7). When the Bible says “the sin of the world” on today’s verses, it means the sin of every human being, the sin of each individual… as long as we recognise Jesus for who He is! Jesus indeed paid the price of OUR sin by His death, and we can all receive forgiveness by confessing our sin to Him and asking for His forgiveness. Therefore, go and tell the people in the world that they don’t have to sink because of their sins: a free provision has already been made for them through the Cross. Unfortunately, so many unbelievers think that God’s forgiveness is not for them. They need you who have already believed to tell them Jesus is opening His arms to them and wants to forgive them. All they need to do is to approach Him, ask Him and believe in Him. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]