TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus knows your name (John 10:14-15)

Today, so many people claim to be followers of Christ more than other Christians. Instead of making our Christianity a love battlefield, Christians fight over their church denomination or doctrinal issues. My brother, my sister, a true follower of Christ does not need to boast He has Christ or He knows Christ more than anyone else. Jesus never called the crowd to Him, but the crowd went to Him, sometimes He even told people not to tell others who He was. The same, through the way you live and your actions, people should be able to see and recognise Christ in you. My friends, you don’t need to tell Christ “I am Your sheep”. He says He knows who His sheep are… therefore He also knows who is not! Let’s recall that when you see a flock of sheep , you do not see a single sheep , you see only sheep… But with Jesus, it’s is different, every sheep has a name: “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3). How do people call you? Maybe for some of us , our name is honored, or we feel neglected, ignored in this world and we think that our name is nothing. It does not matter, because today Jesus wants to tell you how much God treasures you as an individual. Jesus did not say, the shepherd calls the flock. He calls His sheep. And He calls each of them by their name because each of them belong to Him. Now, as Christians, what does it mean? My friends, Jesus is calling us individually for a purpose, and certainly not to be solitary saints or spiritual hermits, isolated from others. The Bible says that we are called together, and we must be united to build each other together because we are co-heirs together we will be caught up together. Then we should understand that, although our relationship with Jesus is personal, it is not an exclusive and private relationship. So, we are to be connected to other believers in the same family, the family of Christ. And as such, a step that everyone can take today is to go to another believer in an authentic way and with a sincere heart to be a blessing to his brother or sister in Christ. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.