TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus is your rescuer. (Psalm 69:3-13)

This Psalm is one of the most quoted to illustrate the ministry and sufferings our Lord Jesus Christ. My brother, my sister, being scorned by your brothers or being scoffed at, mocked, insulted, humiliated and made the object of gossips because of your faith is not uncommon for Christians. Here we see David cried out until he was physically exhausted, with a parched throat and eyes swollen from weeping. Yet, he still trusted God to save him. Yes, when you feel devastated or misunderstood because of your love and commitment to Christ or because of life’s tragedies, you should not despair or collapse, because your Lord Jesus has already carried all your sufferings on the cross, so you can turn to Him to ask Him to help you and save you. Therefore your tears will not be in vain, even if they won’t stop, just keep praying. My friend, it is when we are completely beaten down that we are also tempted to turn away from the Lord, give up and stop trusting Him. But throughout His Word, we have seen God turning impossibilities into possibilities, sickness into healing, curses into blessings, condemnation into grace. So, determine that no matter how bad things look or have become in your situation, you will continue to pray and trust Him. The Lord Jesus, your most faithful friend, is on your side and intercedes for you. God will hear your prayer, and He will rescue you because He loves you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.