TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus is weeping with you… for you (John 11:33-37).

In this passage of Jesus coming to His friend who died, He sees Lazarus family weeping and wailing, He too weeps. The Bible does not tell us exactly why He wept: was it because He emphasized with their grief or was it because He was troubled by their unbelief? My brother, my sister, whatever the true reason is not important to us Christians. What matters is the fact that our Saviour cares for us to weep with us because He is filled with compassion, indignation, sorrow and even frustration when we are suffering. Therefore, don’t hide anything to your Saviour who cares for you and is willing to show you that by doing something for you, just like He did for His friend’s family, because He said He has also called you His friend (John 15:15). Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.