TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus is risen! (Matthew 28:6)

My brother, my sister, maybe you have heard people saying Jesus has risen. Thomas heard the Good News, but doubted what He heard until He Himself met Jesus. My friend, Jesus did not remain in the tomb: “he has risen, just as he said”. And most importantly for you and me, He rose from the dead so that eternal life may be transferred to us.

Today, do not stay home, do not cry anymore, do not focus on your circumstances, do not remain sad: let the risen Lord transfer life abundant into your life and circumstances. An empty tomb is there to testify of the joy of salvation you have received. Do not doubt anymore. Satan was defeated, and you have the victory in Christ through the resurrection power. Today, my friend, submit your life into the hands of the Almighty God who has the resurrection in His hands,and “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him” (Psalm 68:1)… Yes, when God arises in your life, His enemies surrounding you will be scattered in confusion.

I pray today that, as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, you may come out of the grave, your unwanted circumstances may come out of darkness and the abundant life Jesus has freely offered may start affecting every area of your earthly life as your soul prospereth. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.