TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus is our only hope (Psalm 80)

This Psalm is one that reminds us something we always forget to do. Many times, we are going through hardships that lead us away from the Lord or away from the principles of the Lord because our hope vanishes. My brother, my sister, we are twice reminded to call on God to the God who can lift us up again when we are down. What does this mean?

You see, before the Lord can turn us to Himself, we must turn away from sin and all the things we are doing that are elevating a barrier between Him and us. That is the reason why He provided us with repentance, which involves humbling ourselves and turning back to God to receive forgiveness and more… why would I say more? Because, as we turn back to the Lord, He helps us see ourselves more clearly, showing us our limited we are and how our sins can affect us in a way that He makes us realise that we truly need His mercy and compassion. As we embrace and accept this truth, we start experiencing true healing and restoration.

My friend, Jesus loves you and died for you. You see, a psychologist will take you money to give you a limited hope and will never be able to give you life; your friends and family will give you limited hope saying things will be better one day, but they can’t guarantee their words and they can’t give you abundant life…Today, embrace the mercy and restoration Jesus is offering you, as this brings true hope and abundant life… Jesus never miss doing things perfectly! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.