TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus doesn’t want us to approach Him with the wrong reasons (Matthew 12:15-16)

Giving a testimony of what the Lord has done for you is one thing, but we need to be careful that in doing so we are not promoting the contrary of what Jesus intends in your life. My brother, my sister, Jesus has clearly shown us that He does not want us to come to Him with the wrong reason, which are often related to our earthly needs. Today’s verses say: “Many followed Him,and He healed them all, and warned them not to tell who He was.” Even to an evil spirit, Jesus warned not to reveal who He was (Mark 3:12), because He did not want people to reinforce their popular misconception of the Messiah. So, why would the Lord say not to promote such healing and deliverance while, at the same time, people would be more inclined to come to Him if they hear the great things He has done. Yes, this is exactly where all the meditation is all about!

Jesus did not want people coming to Him with the wrong reasons that would have hindered His teaching ministry and arouse false hopes about an earthly kingdom. Unfortunately, this carrot is used in the body of Christ nowadays, and it has to be exposed. As Christians, we must do what we see Jesus doing. My friend, the Bible tells us that the news of Jesus’ miracles spread, making many people to come to Him to see for themselves (Mark 3:7-8). Indeed, we do need to beat drums where the Spirit of Christ is working because people will always follow the Light and Truth, we do not need indoctrinated people with the lure of miracles!

My friend, Christ Kingdom is spiritual. It begins with the overthrow of sin in people’s hearts, and certainly not with a shower of miracles. Therefore, approaching and walking with Jesus in expectation of a miracle in your earthly life is not a right motive to follow Him. Follow Jesus in view of living the future glory that His salvation freely offers you! Nevertheless, if your earthly life is transformed in the process, which happens most of the time when we have a closer personal relationship with Him, then this is just the icing on the cake… but the icing should not be the engine of your faith. The engine of your faith should be your love for Christ, for that is what produces in you the fear of God and a converted heart. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.