TODAY’S MEDITATION – “Jesus didn’t trust them, because He knew human nature” (John 2:24)

Today, meditating on Judas makes us understand that Jesus cannot trust us when the world is still dominating our life. My brother, my sister, Judas often dipped into the disciples’ money bag for his own use. Quite likely, Jesus knew what Judas was doing, but never did or said anything about it. Similarly, when we choose the way of sin, the ways of the world, God may not immediately do anything to stop us but it does not mean that He approves of our actions. Remember Jonas! Yes, whatever we do that is contrary to what the Word of God, has consequences… What we deserve will come, sooner and later. Unfortunately, because we are forgetful, when we reap the consequences of our bad actions, disobedience or refusal to abide in Christ, we tend to accuse others rather than check ourselves to see where we missed the mark in the first place.

My friend, Jesus knows all about human nature, so He knows that “the human heart is the most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked.” (Jeremiah 17:9). In other words, Jesus can discern and He knows that the faith of some followers is superficial. Learn to lean your faith in things unseen and trust in the Lord in order to keep your faith firm even when your heart tells you different things or stirs feelings of despair, sadness or doubts. Judas used pious words to hide his true motives (John 12:5-6) but Jesus knew what was in his heart: Judas’s life had become a lie, which allowed the devil to gain more and more control over him (John 13:27). Stan is the father of lies and a lying character opens the door to his influence. Often times, we lie by omission thinking it’s not important… a lie remains a lie. Therefore Jesus’ knowledge of us should make us want to keep our actions consistent with our words and thoughts. My friend, because we have nothing to fear with Jesus, we should have nothing to hide. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.