TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus completed His mission… what about you? (John 18)

Many believers know about the episode of the cross, which is the climax of Jesus completing His mission on earth. My brother, my sister, what does this episode teach you personally? You see, there are people who are perpetual starters: they can start a business, they can start a relationship, they can start a conversation, they can start something and anything, but also they are perpetual non-finishers: after the first hitch, they quit! This whole chapter shows us that Jesus completed His mission, despite being accused for what He did not do, despite being flogged, despite being denied by Peter and despite being nailed on the cross. My friend, God is the Alpha and the Omega and the Bible says you were made in His image, which means you too can be the alpha and omega of whatever you do. Many start their Christian walk, then give up because they find the rules of God too hard to apply, but they don’t object to the restrictive rules of their family or their society. And if you check well, those non-finishers will wander around churches throughout their lives, just because they have not yet understood that God wants us to be stable. The best example of this truth is His institution of marriage, because once married, we are supposed to remain with our spouse until death separates us! That is the plan of God… Today, the society has accommodated things for us in such a way that we do not see the spiritual implications of our instability as Christians: if you cannot remain seated in one place, you will never be able to complete your mission, just because everywhere you go, you have to restart from scratch! Jesus never diverted from His mission, even when people opposed Him. He completed His mission, and that is the reason why today you have been redeemed at a high price! My friend, pray that the Spirit of God will make you a finisher where God has placed you, for God knows your future and He knows you are in the right place in that family where everyone may make you feel ashamed; you are in the right place in that job that you may not like (David was a shepherd in the forest, but God took him from there to make him a king); you are in the right place in that church you are right now, and if you feel the urge to leave, anyway do not let anyone or yourself uproot you, for the one who has placed you there knows why He has brought you there and certainly the reasons you want to leave can occur to build you up and develop your character to be transformed for His glory. So know that, when your mission is completed, the Lord Himself will remove you, either by calling you back to Him or by taking you to another place where He wants to use you. My friend, this is an important issue that we sometimes neglect, while the spiritual effect of not completing our mission can be more devastating than we think, as it diverts the plan of God for our lives, and for people around us… Just imagine if Jesus has not completed His mission… what would have happened to us today? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]