TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jesus can protect us only when we hide ourselves in Him (Luke 22:39-41)

My brother, my sister, when you are going through hardships, do you think about the others first? Are we not more inclined to lock ourselves in ourselves when things are not going right for us, instead? Here, Jesus wanted to isolate himself, knowing that the time had come for His mission to be accomplished. This is a painful, difficult souvenir for us who know what happened. Can we even start thinking of how Jesus felt at that moment? All He wanted was to isolate Himself, which He did. But look at this, even when isolating Himself from the world, Jesus did it accompanied by the disciples!

My friend, the presence of others is also your strength because the devil wants us to be alone to better end us, so you still have work to do to learn to live and be with people if you have not yet understood that. Jesus was never alone, even when He was crucified, there had to be someone else by his side. You see, even when he walked away from His disciples to pray to the Father, “He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them” (verse 41).

Today, I want to address you who claim to be a Christian (follower of Christ) but stay away from other believers and remind you that, Satan is prowling looking for someone to devour. Unless you want to remain attached to Christ’ vine, you are putting yourself in danger. It’s easier for a sparrowhawk to get a chick that has wandered off the group, because from afar, the sparrowhawk can see the size of the hen and the chicks and it is afraid of the hen… Jesus is our protector, but He can protect us only when we hide ourselves in Him, by following His principles… Let’s learn to fellowship with others and keep unity: that alone pushes the devil away because he needs disunity to reign, he needs confusion and disorder to make you confused, he needs you to be isolated to better destroy you or ruin the plans of God for your life. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.