TODAY’S MEDITATION – Jeremiah, an unpopular prophet (Jeremiah 38:4-6)

Today, people run after prophets because they are looking for a word from the Lord. My brother, my sister, if you are one of those, I wish you were in the time of Jeremiah, a mighty prophet of God that God used to proclaim, most of the time, things that made him unpopular. Even the king agreed with everybody that Jeremiah had to die, so they put him in a cistern. Why? Because Jeremiah repeatedly and faithfully told them God’s messages that they did not want to hear.

My friend, during his 40 years of faithful ministry, Jeremiah never received acclaimed, love or popular following. Instead, Jeremiah was beaten, jailed, threatened and even forced to leave his homeland. Meditating on this today humbles me and I hope it will humble you too, my friend. Just see this, only the pagans showed Jeremiah some respect (Jeremiah 39:11-12).

Today, as you serve the Lord, remember this, God does not guarantee that His servants will escape persecution, even when they are faithful. However, He promises to be with them and give them strength to endure persecution (2 Corinthians 1:3-7). My friend, as you serve or minister to others about the Lord Jesus, recognize that your service is for Him and not just for human approval. Also, bear in mind that God rewards our faithfulness, but not always in our lifetime. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.