TODAY’S MEDITATION – Is your heart hardened against Jesus? (Mark 6:52)

Though we say we believe in Christ, there are things our hearts are still not taking in. My brother, my sister, is your heart still hardened against some teachings of the Lord? Is your heart still hardened against some miracles of the Lord? Is your heart still hardened in some principles of the Word? Today’s passage is located where Jesus walks on water and it says: “for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened”

Here Jesus’ disciples don’t want to believe what they see, maybe because they still did not understand the real purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth. They had already watched Jesus miraculously feed 5000 people, but they still could not take the final step of faith and believe that Jesus was God’s Son, that is the reason why they were amazed that Jesus could walk on water here.

My friend, is your heart hardened against Jesus? Though this question seems harsh, it is worth asking because we tend to neglect some aspects of the Gospel and deal with that negligence as if it is insignificant. Yes, even believers can be hard-hearted to Jesus’ word. How many people know about what the Bible says but remain amazed at how Jesus has worked in other people’s lives as if that cannot happen to them because they doubt somehow that the Lord can also come to their aid in their time of trouble. My friend, such a reaction is not unbelief, but a willful, hard-hearted rejection of Christ’s ability to help you. Instead, “take courage” and trust that the Lord is there for you, daily and at any hour. Our hearts are the place Jesus is looking at to be able to start helping us: when He knocks, do you open your heart to Him or let Him out because it’s too hardened with unbelief, earthly or philosophical doctrines to allow Him in? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.