TODAY’S MEDITATION – In front of trials remain unmoved (John 19:1-10)

Trials come to us in different forms: slandering, accusations, emotional or physical hurts, etc. My brother, my sister, Jesus gave us the greatest lesson before trials, which is: the truth will always prevail. Most of us have watched movies where there is a villain… and no matter the plot of the movie, the truth always prevail isn’t it? My friend, if the world can use God’s principles, why do we doubt Him while we have access to the Truth Himself?

Today’s passage shows us how the religious leaders were looking into the hole of a needle to try and find a fault in Jesus. That is sometimes what the enemy does with us: because he finds nothing against us, he uses people around us to fabricate lies or accusations about us. Yes, the religious leaders wanted a good reason to kill Jesus and they accused Him of blasphemy (verse 7), which gave them credibility in the eyes of the people. The main problem with us is that when people accuse or hurt us, we focus on the accusations or on the circumstances, not on the Lord or the big picture of the plan of God. Today, let’s learn from Jesus.

In fact, Jesus’ reaction shows that He was the one in control throughout His trial. How do we see that? Pilate vacillated (verse 10) while the Jewish leaders reacted out of hatred and anger… but Jesus remained calm and composed! Why? Because He knew the truth, He knew God’s plan and He knew the reason for His trial. Yes, despite the pressure and persecution, Jesus remained unmoved. Therefore it was Pilate and the religious leaders who were on trial, that is why they were so much agitated. My friend, when you are questioned or ridiculed because of your faith or for something you know has been fabricated, why would you cry, get angry or justify yourself? Remain unmoved like Jesus! Also remember that while you may be on trial before your accusers, they are on trial before God. Most of the time, when people have something at the back of their minds, they would rather put others on trial or fabricate things that would give credibility to their accusations. But as for you, remain unmoved like Jesus. The truth may take time, but it always prevails in the end. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.