TODAY’S MEDITATION – In Christ you can make a difference in the society (Isaiah 24:4-5)

Today when we see the world as it is deteriorating speedily, we sometimes forget that the Bible has already talked about things to come. The same as us today, not only did the people of the Bible suffered from their sins, but the land also suffered the effects of evil and lawbreaking. Yes, my brother, my sister, are we not seeing the results of sin in our own land, in our societies nowadays? Pollution, crime, addiction, poverty, etc… You see, sin affects every aspect of society so extensively that even those faithful to God suffer. Those who don’t know God’s unfailing love for human kind, which was expressed on the Cross when Jesus shed His blood for the entire humanity, tend to blame God for these conditions, only because they ignore that such evil things have been brought about by sin. Now, as Christians and believers, the more we renounce sin, speak against immoral practices without compromising, and share God’s Word with others, the more we could slow our society’s deterioration. My friend, you should never give up doing what is right according to the Lord because sin is rampant, but in Christ, you are empowered with the Holy Spirit to be able to make a difference. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.