TODAY’S MEDITATION – In Christ we have faith in Jesus Christ not in miracles or the prophets (Jeremiah 14:11-16)

In this passage, the Lord forbids Jeremiah to intercede for His people. My brother, my sister, God, our loving Father can refuse to hear our prayers or any intercession made for us. This passage should make us wonder why would God forbid anyone from praying for us? Let’s read the this passage to understand it: “Then the Lord said to me, “Do not pray for these people anymore. When they fast, I will pay no attention. When they present their burnt offerings and grain offerings to me, I will not accept them. Instead, I will devour them with war, famine, and disease” (verses 11-12). Why would God do such a thing to His own people?

The answer is here: “These prophets are telling lies in my name. I did not send them or tell them to speak. I did not give them any messages. They prophesy of visions and revelations they have never seen or heard. They speak foolishness made up in their own lying hearts. Therefore, this is what the Lord says: I will punish these lying prophets, for they have spoken in my name even though I never sent them. They say that no war or famine will come, but they themselves will die by war and famine! As for the people to whom they prophesy—their bodies will be thrown out into the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine and war. There will be no one left to bury them. Husbands, wives, sons, and daughters—all will be gone. For I will pour out their own wickedness on them.” (verses 13-16). Indeed, the people of God were more inclined to listen to false prophets than to follow His commands. These “prophets” said to them what they wanted to hear. My friend, false teachers earn fame and money telling people what they want to hear, and this lead people away from God. This is a form of fanaticism, not to say idolatry. Thus, if we encourage false teachers, we are as guilty as they are before God.

My friend, seek God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul. There are too many prophets around the world these days and we do not know who is who, because Satan the imitaror also crowned himself a mimic prophet and sends his agents everywhere to deceive the children of God or get their attention with miracles and false prophecies while Jesus told us to repent, to follow His teachings and carry our cross. God is angry against false prophets and their followers because all they do is to promise people golden tomorrows without ever denouncing or exposing sin. Now sin is the only thing that can really separate us from God and hat stops Him from acting powerfully in our lives in spite of His grace and mercy. Also, know that “even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him” (John 12:37). So, if your eyes are focused on miracles, then you may never believe in Jesus at all and you really need to question your own belief and faith in the Lord. The miracles Jesus did were not meant to impress His disciples or those who already believed in HIm. They were for the unbelievers. The same, the Bible says a “prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers but to those who believe” (1 Corinthians 14:22). Now, those who do not believe are also those who run after prophecies, because either the Spirit of God who dwells in them is sleeping or He is absent. Therefore, the Spirit cannot allow them to have the conviction of what the Word of God tells them to do. My friend, who or what do you believe in? In Christ we have faith in Jesus Christ not in miracles or the prophets… Therefore, set your eyes on Christ and not on signs, to avoid being told what you want to hear and also to avoid stirring the wrath of the Lord. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.