TODAY’S MEDITATION – How do you cooperate with the Lord? (2 Samuel 2:8-30)

How do you cooperate with the Lord? Some would think this question is tricky while it is not. My brother, my sister, sometimes we should stop and study the characters of Bible. Today, I want to tell you about Abner. What is striking about this character is that he lived by his own wits and his own will. To Abner, God was someone with whom he would cooperate, if it suited his plans. Otherwise, he did what seemed best for him, and that was it. Yes, my friend, we can easily identify with Abner’s tendency to give God conditional cooperation. You see, the truth we cannot deny is that obedience is easy when the instructions in God’s Word fit in with our own plans. However, our allegiance to the Lord is tested and becomes problematic when His plans are contrary to ours. Let’s keep in mind that God never forces anyone to obey Him, but He still requires more than conditional, halfhearted cooperation from us. Therefore we should always question ourselves as regards to the way we actually obey God’s Word. stay blessed in Jesus’ name.