TODAY’S MEDITATION – How do we get rid of guilt? (Romans 4:6-8)

Guilt is a powerful weapon that the devil uses to keep the children of God captive. My brother, my sister, Jesus has already set you free from any guilt, by making Himself guilty for you. What can we do to get rid of guilt? Let’s look at King David’s example. As the Bible tells us he was guilty of terrible sins: adultery, murder, lying, and yet he experienced the joy of forgiveness.

My friend, we too can have this joy when we stop denying our guilt and recognize that we have sinned. For this to happen, we must admit our guilt to God and ask Him to forgive us. Moreover, this makes the devil to lose any power as he will have no more ground to accuse us before God and make you to feel condemned. Also very important is the fact that we must learn to leave guilt behind us and believe that God has indeed forgiven us. Many people often ask Good for forgiveness, but continue to act as if He has not forgiven them or as if they doubt Him!

Yes, this can be difficult, especially when a sin has taken root in our lives for many years, when it is a very serious sin, or if it involves other people. We must remember that Jesus is willing and able to forgive all sins. Given the huge price He paid on the cross, there is no sin that is too big or Him to forgive.

My friend, even if your faith is weak, or your consicence is sensitive and your memory haunts you, the Word of God declares that sins confessed are sins forgiven (1 John 1: 9). So do not give the devil a single reason to be pleased to see that you are feel guilty of anything. Today, take the opportunity of this recall to free your mind and your soul from anything the devil seems to tell you to make you feel guilty. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.