TODAY’S MEDITATION – How big is your God? (Genesis 17:1-8).

No matter who you are, there are always times in life when you are forced to accept that you just cannot go any farther because you lack the resources or ability to make some things happen or change in your life. My brother, my sister, remember Jesus challenging the leaders of his day to add one hair to their head, then you will understand what I mean. Now, my question to you is: do you really know how big your God is? Is your God El Shaddai, the all sufficient provider? Is He as big as the God of Abraham who could bring dead flesh to life and provide an heir long after child bearing years had passed? When you think little of God you obey little. When you think great thoughts of God your obedience is great as well! What is the state of your trust in the Lord, my friend? Do you trust God enough to step out in complete faith, to follow Him wholeheartedly, and to allow Him to work out His plans in your life as He sees fit? The problem with many people today is that, in their search for love, peace and satisfaction, they mix God with different things somewhere besides God. When you truly trust the Lord, you cannot be halfhearted and afraid to commit yourself totally to Him. El Shaddai calls out to cast your dependance on Him. He is able to meet every need in every situation, but only for those who walk before Him in sincerity. So, my friend, let the Lord have total control over your life as you keep in mind that only God can change your circumstances. True enough some things seem to be under our control. That’s what Pilate thought when he asked if Jesus knew he held the decision of life and death over Him. But, Jesus told Pilate that he could do nothing unless God chose to let it happen! And that’s how big your God is: He is the one allowing things to happen to your life, whether good or bad, for He knows what is best for you and the only thing He is asking you is to be obedient, keep faith and trust in Him… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.