TODAY’S MEDITATION – Have you really become a slave of Jesus Christ! (Titus 1:1)

As much as most wicked people on earth engaged in things that corrupt the mind and body, the Bible shows us that all great men who served God had something in common: obedience and the fear of the Lord ! My brother, my sister, in this passage, Apostle Paul called himself “a slave of God.” What is a slave of God? Simple someone who is committed to obey God, no matter what happens to him. The fact is that, being a slave of God means that your reason for living is to serve Him always, wherever you are, with all that you possess. Have you ever heard about The Transatlantic Slavery?

Let’s have a short reminder of what happened during the transatlantic slavery: a slave owned nothing: he worked for his master, whenever the master needed him; day and night, he had to be available for the master; and even his child belonged to the slave master. To be separated from the slave master, he needed to buy his freedom from the master. Now back to the Word of God. My friend, Jesus redeemed us at a very high cost, that of His life. Thus, we belong to Him when we accept to give Him our lives. Have you bought your freedom back from Jesus to be able to say that you do not want to obey Him, to serve Him according to His principles or do what He tells you to do? So, know that every time you do something that is against the teachings of the Lord, you are nothing less than a slave who rebels against his master, and you are drawaing yourself far from everything He wants to do with you or give you.

Nevertheless, there is a important difference to make between an earthly slave master and Jesus: while an earthly master is doing things for his own pleasure and for his selfish purposes, Jesus wants you to become His slave for your own good: not only for your salvation to come, but also for you to access the blessings God has in store for you. So, what can prevent you from becoming a slave of Jesus? In His vineyard, the only work Jesus is asking you to do is to obey Him and to have the fear of God in order to draw near Him in constant regular prayers, the reading and meditation of the Bible, and felowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and resisting temptations of the world. Is it as or even more difficult than what was asked to transatlantic slaves? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.