TODAY’S MEDITATION – Have you really abandoned things that could keep you from following the Lord fully? (Matthew 9:9)

In this passage, we learn that Matthew, a Jew who was appointed by the Romans to be the area’s tax collector from the citizens and from the merchants passing through the town, is called by Jesus. Of course, as we know from the Bible, most tax collectors were called thieves because they used to overcharge people and keep the profits for themselves. So, the Jews hated them not only for that but also because of the support they had from Rome. Now, Matthew met Jesus, and Jesus called Him to be one of His disciples. My brother, my sister, if today you have become a Christian, it is because one day you met Jesus and He called you to follow Him too. In this verse we read “Matthew got up and followed him”. Instantly, Matthew made the decision to leave his lucrative job. Now, let me ask you this question: since the Lord called you to follow Him and obey Him, have you done it with as much abandonment as Matthew? Are you still so much attached to the things you were doing before, to your dreams, that your decision to follow Jesus is sometimes painful to bear when you think of those things? Yes, sometimes, the decision to follow Jesus requires difficult or painful choices. Like Matthew, we must decide to leave behind those things that would keep us from following Christ fully. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]