TODAY’S MEDITATION – Growing in faith is not an option for a Christian (2 Corinthians 5:7)

The Bible says “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). So, my brother, my sister, if you want to live a life that is pleasing to the Living God, you must have faith and confidence in Him and His Word. You see, the Bible says, when God moved the Red Sea, and His people went through on dry ground, “they believed the Lord.” Well, do we believe in God only after you see His actions? Doesn’t the Word say we walk by faith, not by sight? (2 Corinthians 5:7)? Now, we also know that God revealed Himself to His people in different ways so many times and they could both see and experience Him in order that their faith could grow and be rooted in the Living God. But how many times, did they not trust in Him? Still, He did not abandon them! The Israelites saw God come through for them, and after they came through to other side, on dry ground, that created in each of their hearts a fear and reverence for God and it grew their confidence in the Living God, at least for a season of time. My friend, the truth is, there is no way to live a life pleasing to God unless we have real faith and confidence in Him. Yes, faith is required to please God and God Himself is going to do whatever necessary in our lives to build our faith. Unfortunately, the fact is that GOD WANTS to act in the lives of many believers, but HE CANNOT because they have little, not to say no, faith in Him. Even so, God desires to build our faith, for Him to be able to act in our lives. Let’s realise this today, my friends. Why? Because in the Bible, we clearly see that it is through faith, that many great things and miracles happen, the dead are raised, the sick are healed, the blind are touched and can see again, people that are in crisis see God radically do a wonderful work as they trust Him. If you don’t have faith in God, that simply means that you don’t have confidence in God. As a result, you are asking God for nothing, you are praying for nothing, you don’t expect anything great of the Living God, and therefore you have no expectation… or let me say it another way, what you expect from Him is void and nothing happens in your life and you can keep praying! God wants us to grow in faith… . when we trust in the living God, it is impossible to worry and we begin to believe in things that are the size of God. You will ask for great and mighty things to honour the Lord, to bring glory to Him, to reveal His mighty works. However, whoever does not grow in his faith in the Lord will always tend to worry, fear, etc., because the truth is, they simply don’t have confidence in the Living God, and they don’t expect the Lord to help them to overcome their situation and that is why they struggle painfully with their problems, and ultimately their Christian life also becomes a burden. My friend, growing in faith is not an option for a Christian. You want to see change in your life, believe in Christ, pray God and have faith that Who you believe in has already won all the victories for any circumstance of your life on the Cross. Now, wait in faith to see Him take you across the sea to bring you to the other side on dry land. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]